Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 27, 2011

Besides the wonderful accommodations, our hosts in Tulsa provided us with an amazing home cooked breakfast of scrambled tofu, cereal, fresh fruit and home-made carrot cake. For lunch, the feast continued: vegan cheese pizza, mock chicken salad on chips, nachos, breaded faux chicken legs, blue corn tamales and spicy vegan spare ribs. And more carrot cake!

After lunch we spoke with Oklahoma residents concerned about the pollution caused by nearby chicken factories. They are upset by how agribusiness wields its influence in the courts and in the state capitol to avoid taking responsibility for cleaning up after itself. People or companies are usually liable for making things right when they harm others, but industrial agribusiness is different. It has armies of attorneys and lobbyists working to influence the legal and political process in order to maintain its preferential, "above the law" status.

We enjoyed dinner at the very vegan-friendly Cafe Samana with old and new friends. There were three great vegan cake selections for dessert: apple oat with a vanilla glaze, chocolate chocolate chip, and sweet potato with a cream cheese frosting. I gave a presentation at LaFortune Community Center, signed books and chatted with several of the engaging folks who attended. Like in other places we’ve visited, we found that Tulsa has a growing and dedicated vegan community. How exciting! Next stop: Dallas, Texas.

VIDEO: Happy Cows? Or Cows For Slaughter

May 26, 2011

Gene explains how a cow-calf operation in Kansas works. Here, cows are impregnated, give birth, and nurse their young only to have them taken away to feed lots at only six months old. At the feed lots, they will rapidly gain weight until they are sent to slaughter.