Leaving Akron

May 20, 2011

This morning, on the way out of Akron we stopped at a random bakery in a strip mall, and were impressed to find a tray of clearly labeled vegan goods! Because they didn’t have non-dairy milk for our coffees/teas - and because the vegan items were a little too sweet-looking for breakfast appetites - we continued on to a health food store to stock up for the day’s drive. We walked out with a variety of breakfast foods to go: squash salad, vegan chicken salad with gluten-free taco chips, soy latte, and banana, apple and soy chai. We then hit the road for Columbus, which had pleasant surprises in-store for us.

Farm Sanctuary’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in Akron

May 19, 2011

Vegiterranean, opened by vegan advocate Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, was the location of a Farm Sanctuary 25th Anniversary Celebration. I snacked on gourmet mini-pizzas while mingling with an intimate gathering of Farm Sanctuary friends. Executive Chef Scot Jones gave us a tour of the kitchen and spoke with us about how veganism has changed not only his cooking, but his own health. The Farm Sanctuary meet-up was anchored by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a leading voice for animal welfare in the government, who gave a speech on the virtues of a compassionate lifestyle. We ended the evening with more Vegiterranean fare, lots of laughs and a few tours of the Just Eats Tour bus.

Lunch at the Fresh Horizons Cafe

May 19, 2011

With the rain still coming down as we left Watkins Glen this morning for Akron, Ohio, and with quite the drive ahead of us, we decided to stop for lunch in Erie, PA. Who knew that you could find a vegetarian and very vegan-friendly (everything can be made vegan upon request) cafe in this little city! We all agreed, the Fresh Horizons Cafe’s Meatlessball Sub is the best!